Recovering Ranking after Google Updates

Recover Website Ranking After Google Changed Its Algorithm

As of 2022, Google has launched its newest “broad core update” for SEO algorithms in quite a while. The update was released in May of this year. Recovering ranking after Google updates is now as important as keeping your website live and updated: Its effects took a couple of weeks to manifest, but the consequences of not adhering to certain rules are certainly going to show everywhere on the internet soon. Here’s the gist of what changes have occurred until now and what you can do to retrieve high SERP rankings.

Recovering Website Ranking

Adhere to E-A-T Principles for Recovering ranking after Google updates

Google has a special set of rules laid out for people who want to market certain high-level services. It’s called E-A-T. The funny acronym stands for “Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness.” It means the content you write should deliver exactly on those attributes.

If you are a lawyer promoting legal services through your website, you better have a real-life presence that can be leveraged to make people trust you; moreover, you need to verify your credentials and write content free of fluff.

The same applies to doctors who might have a particular practice and want to advertise their services; those doctors are better served by having their expertise shown through their writing.

In one way or another, it seems like Google is trying to improve search engine results by categorizing online content. E-A-T writing is not the typical writing anyone can do, and it requires professional content writing that adheres to Google’s requirements of search engine optimization and, at the same time, comprehensively describes the advertised entity.

E-A-T by itself is not, and it is a ranking factor

However, a way to future-proof your reputation and online presence. Instant disqualifiers include writing web pages that spread misinformation, hate, bigotry, or plain unorganized content. These things have been shown to have a significant impact from when the new update was implemented until now.

Creating a compelling ‘About Us’ page is a great way to follow E-A-T guidelines. Two other considerations include updating your content regularly and linking to high-quality sources that support every word you write.

Consistently blogging and updating the website’s content is a prominent strategy to drive traffic, especially if solid keyword research was conducted and all SEO guidelines were considered in the content. Suppose your website content doesn’t follow any of the above guidelines, then you have 2 potions, either to improve the quality of the content on your old website, or build a complete new website so you can have control over the new content and its proper placement; contact us today for website development packages.

Write More FAQs

‘Frequently Asked Questions’ webpages have been shown to increase traffic to your website by 23%. FAQs provide a convenient way for your readers to follow up on information.

It makes it easy to reference relevant links that support your claims. FAQs can also be written in a way that is free of ambiguity. There’s no doubt the new broad core update supports FAQs big time. One way to write practical FAQs is to do more focused keyword research. That differs from simply blasting keywords all over your webpage and expecting a miracle. Good research is about analyzing people’s questions and building an outline of how your FAQ can provide answers.

Include More Video Content

The update has also seen websites that use many video materials in their content. Surprisingly an increase in traffic was equal to twice the amount before, and people immediately started calling it the ‘rise of video.’ The increase in traffic was about 25% more than before the update. You would benefit by having your digital marketers work on providing compelling video content that’s both short in length and shows what you can offer. Video content is here to stay, and every online business would benefit tremendously from investing in more visual content.

Focus on Appearing in More Featured Snippets

It’s well-known that the more featured snippets your site accrues; the more organic traffic will come to you. However, featured snippets are a double-edged sword, and you might find yourself incapable of providing the right content at some point, in which case you would lose traffic by losing those snippets.

The practical approach here is always to try and check up on your featured snippets using tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, or Google Search Console. These tools can give you an idea of where you are losing traffic. By following up on shortcomings, you can better work on those weak points and come back stronger. Likewise, seeing what your site is doing right and why it’s getting featured can help you do more of what is already bringing you success, eliminating the need for extravagant experiments.

Avoiding Trying to Wear Multiple Hats

The new broad core update has shed light on what news sites face in the coming months. These sites have lost 4% of their traffic due to their attempts to include a little bit of everything.

Specialist websites focusing more on a niche are better at gaining and keeping traffic. It means you should always strive to provide a particular product or service, not several at the same time. The way to do that is to ensure that your content marketing team has a plan spread out over several months with a special emphasis on promoting a single thing. That eliminates guesswork and leaves time for you to build an audience.

The Verdict for Recovering ranking after Google updates

Google has released a broad core update that will be a game-changer for online content in the future. There’s more emphasis now on having your E-A-T guidelines properly followed. Another notable difference in the ranking algorithms is how video content can generate more website traffic than ever.

The key to benefiting from these core changes is updating your content regularly and providing value to your audience; we offer a professional content writing services to keep your website up to date and latest guidelines. Achieving a high ranking and having a notable online presence is not out of reach; you just need to be smart about how you do it.

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