How to Properly Request Help from WordPress Community?

Being part of the community and knowing how to properly request help

Properly Request Help

Here I am being part of the huge WordPress community in different Facebook groups. Once of my key points of being there is to help those who are in need of it. I remember struggling trough themes, page builders and plugins and not knowing how to properly request help. Many times you would write a simple question that your would expect a quick reply from someone, but end up waiting for days to get an answer. So, I have decided to put my 50cents into it and help as much as I can.

One of the other main reasons, is when you see someone asking a simple question and there are bunch of people trying to make money off of it by replying to contact them privately to offer their services. I just want to remind everyone that this is not how community works. You need to help as much as you can, without expectations, unless someone offers you to pay for your services. 

introducing your problems is a key to properly request help

properly request help details

It is very important to introduce details when asking for help. Here is a list of things you might want to consider including in your post when asking for help.

  1. Link to the page where the issue is
  2. Details of the issue
  3. Full screenshots of the issue
  4. Device(s) on which the issue is present
  5. Browser used (if applicable)
  6. Plugins and Themes being used
  7. Last action you did before the issue

Now remember we are all a part of a great community and we love helping you out if we know the details. Please keep in mind, everyone is helping you out on their own free time, so you can’t expect to get your answers right away even if you properly request help. 

Problem Solved

properly request help solved

Yet another important thing for everyone in the community is to know how the problem was solved. Once your issue is resolved, it’s always a good idea to post in the thread that the issue was solved. Since there will be few people responding to your issue, not all of the suggestions will work. We would love to know which one did work out for your, just in case if someone comes in with the same question, we all would know the correct answer.

Help us to help you! You can always properly request help from the community to post a tutorial for anything you would like, I am sure there are many people out there that would love to post a new tutorial. As we are always open for comments and suggestions, you should always remember to leave us feedback! At the end please remember to be polite and always thank the community for the hard work everyone does! 

Don’t forget – I am also part of the community, so your feedbacks, comments and suggestions are always welcomed! 

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