Last Minute Digital Marketing Tips for Valentine's Day

Last-Minute Digital Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Promoting a business seems like a piece of cake, but it needs to pull an out-nighter to get things done. You should follow worldwide trends and international occasions such as Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s day. Always prepare ahead to face any utter surprises to set your business on the right path and generate more income on different occasions.

You need to build your business on solid ground by creating a detailed digital marketing plan. Digital marketing educates your audience on what products or services you provide. Your sales will increase when the words spread about your business. Nowadays, a digital marketing plan is like a baby’s first words; it’s vital for future growth and exciting for everyone around.

Valentines’ day is a significant occasion for all kinds of business, whether your product is handmade soap or high-end technology gadgets, and no matter how big or small is your business, it’s essential to shoot some cupid arrows on your customers, to spread the love and show how much you care about their businesses. This article will introduce you to practical tips about last-minute digital marketing techniques you can do within the next 24 hours to catch the trend and earn more money.

Valentine's day Prepare Something

Why should you prepare something for Valentine’s day?

Let’s dive into a possible scenario. Imagine receiving a call from a customer at 10:30 pm on Valentines’ Day. And you as a new local shop never thought about keeping some gifts for last-minute orders. See? when you don’t plan, you’ll face disasters, and your customer will go back to his lovely girlfriend empty-handed.

But would keeping some extra stock for late clients form a basic solution? Actually, not it wouldn’t, this might work as a rescue plan for some clients, but do you know what they would appreciate even more? A marketing campaign a day before Valentine’s reminding them about this special day and offering them some gift ideas. It will save them time to think about possible gifts, and it will be a kind reminder about the whole day.

Practical tips for immediate use

As you read these words, you might think that it’s too late for you to have a digital marketing plan on Valentine’s day this year, but the truth is, you still have a decent chance to throw a last-minute digital marketing plan for your current clients and all potential ones. Check out these tips, pick the ones that suit your business type, and take action right now.

Announce flash sales and special offers

There’s nothing better than a flash sale for all the lovers who need to buy their partners some gifts. And since this day is all about the celebration of love, nothing says you love your customers like an awesome flash sale. You can consider this a last-minute rescue to your business to join the trend. How about we sail in the magic of buy one get one free, cause as much as people love a sale, they will love this offer even more. Since this offer is last-minute on Valentine’s day, your clients will see this as a gift for them and their loved ones. It’s such an irresistible deal. If you think about it, digital marketing isn’t complicated, and it just requires you to shoot your arrows at the right time.

Valentine's day

Don’t forget singles on Valentine’s day

Although Valentine’s day is for lovers and couples, you should never forget the enormous community of single people. Lots of people tend to buy themselves a gift on this day to compensate themselves and enjoy the moment. There are also people who buy gifts for their friends instead of lovers. According to Entrepreneur “On average, a single man will spend $71 during the holiday and a single woman will spend $40.”

You should also consider marketing your products to single people and offering them some special discounts and offers. Imagine you’re a single person, and you received a text message saying, “Hey! if you’re single on Valentine’s day, we love you, and we offer you a 30% discount on our new collection.” Such a gesture will get more people to your door by the end of the day, and you will maximize your benefits from Valentine’s day.

Use all social media platforms

Use your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram to announce your flash sale and attract as many clients as possible. If you don’t have a business account on any social media platform, you should consider having one, but you can use your personal accounts since the time is not on your side. Your friends can be a client base, and they can help spread the news about your flash sale. Never underestimate the power of social media in promoting your business.

In your last-minute plan, you should also include trending hashtags. It’s a social media trick that has a lasting effect. That can give your Valentine’s day plan a boost. Hashtags can help your posts become more reachable because many people search for hashtags about what they’re looking for. For example, check out these hashtags, #valentinesday2022, #happyvalentinesday, #valentinesdayideas.

Valentine's day

Creative marketers have found a way on social media to link Valentine’s Day with the least romantic products. For example, a Publish house has jumped on the trend with great captions for their posts like Penguin India’s #LoveInOtherWords campaign, and Oyo Rooms #NoRoomForHate campaign celebrates the concept of love and promotes togetherness.

Blog about Valentine’s day and you can offer

If you’re doing a last-minute digital marketing plan, you will get a last min customer. Usually, these people would be stressed, nervous, and don’t know where to start. So, you can help them by offering a Valentine gift guide. Lovers are always on the run searching for the perfect gift for their partners. A blog post about the top 10 gift ideas for your customers will help solve the dilemma of getting their loved ones, and you’re allowing your business to form a trust bond with your customers that’s assured to last all year.

Think about everything you can offer your clients and start typing right now, create an attractive blog post, add every detail about your products, use good quality photos, and post it online. Blogging will help your website build a relationship with visitors and get new clients. Even if you don’t know how to write a long blog post, that is normal, because a lot of people can’t do that, you can easily hire a professional content writing service to get you the content you want. One final piece of advice, don’t forget to share the blog post on your social media accounts to achieve maximum exposure.

Email campaigns still rock!

Despite the fact that emailing is an old-school marketing tool, it’s still very effective today. If you have a database of your client’s emails, write a warm email, make it a little bit personal, and send it to your clients as soon as possible. Let them know you care about them and offer your various options on Valentine’s day. You can also provide them with a special discount if they show up during specific hours. The main point is, don’t waste a marketing channel on such a day because you might be losing an opportunity to make more sales and gain more leads for your business in the future.

Send SMS to your friends and clients

Texting might also seem a little bit old, but it is the fastest way to reach your clients with one of the highest open rates. People keep checking their mobile phones, and you can show up on their phone easily with a simple SMS, send it out on Valentine’s day to all your clients and even your friends. You must have 100+ mobile phone numbers on your cellphone. Think about something like, “Hey! I know life is busy, and you might have forgotten about Valentine’s day, visit us now for some great gift ideas.”


In this time of year, show your customers some love. And keep in mind that a great marketing plan with valentine’s day is the ultimate couple you need for your business. In this event, there’s no way you can’t make some revenues. Whether you were preparing for this for a while or it’s the last-minute

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