Closed Tabs When Your WordPress Page is Loaded

Closed Tabs

Best practice in using Closed Tabs for WordPress is to have them look neat and nice. Therefore, it is very important to first identify if you want the first tab to be visible when you load the page or closed. The default is set to have the first tab always opened. It would be a good idea if there was on option to keep them all closed, however, this option is not available by default. Now what if you want your WordPress page to load multiple tabs with a lot of content and you want to initially have all the tabs closed? No worries, there are several options. First option is always to search for a plugin that does this for you. Which I would personally NOT recommend, loading your site with a lot of plugins is just another way of putting a heavy load on your server. Second option is a code you can place on your site and bypass the need for plugins.

Here is a simple code you can place on your page to simply keep all the tabs closed when you load your page.

The best way to do is insert an HTML widget on the page you have your tabs on and paste the code in there! 

Please leave a comment and/or suggestions as I am always happy to hear from the community! 

Closed Tabs

If All Else Fails:

If you’ve tried all these options and nothing is working, you definitely have a real problem on your hands. But you can always turn to your developer to identifying and fixing the issue. A good web developer will provide you with the support you need to get your site up and running again.

And in the very end if your developer doesn’t help you out you can find a support here with us. We will be glad to help you out and fix the issue for your! 

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