Another End to Another Year

Another End to Another Year


It’s yet Another End to Another Year. At the end of every year we celebrate with the best intentions of buying gifts for our loved ones and thinking about what the next year brings. Traditionally people come up with goals to better themselves in the new year, but do they ever follow through with it? Matter of fact, why do people have to wait for the last day of the week at the end of the year to create goals for themselves? What about the other 364 days in the year?  

A new year can be seen as a new start, but so could every other new day that we have. Each day of our life is a gift especially in the world we live in today. We never really know what the world may bring us tomorrow or the day after. You could be presented with a new job opportunity or faced with life challenges.  

Another End to A Year

Think about your new year resolution for 2021, and ask yourself did you meet your goal? Or did life get in the way? And if you did not meet your goal, does it really matter? College students have a four year plan to graduate and get a career, however within those four years anything can happen unexpectedly and prolong the goal. Does that mean they failed?  Or an unexpected surprise may change your life forever.  

I’m not saying don’t make goals for yourself. I am saying don’t depend on New Years Eve to create those goals and use every new day to your advantage. What is your goal for tomorrow? Are you going to the gym to sign up for a membership for 2022? Are you finishing up another semester of college? Or do you have spare time to spend it with your family or significant other?  Use tomorrow to start on your goals and make those changes now, instead of January 1st.  

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